Dreary Day!

Today is dreary and rainy! I love staying home when it's like this, but had errands to run. I took one of our cats, Lily to the vet to be fixed and declawed, and one of our dogs, Ranger for his check up. I hated leaving Lily, but in the end, she will be a happier cat, and my carpets will be saved!

I'm having a bit of a "brain fart" when it comes to designing rugs and stitchery. Maybe the rain, maybe the change in seasons, maybe I need more chocolate! :o) Anyway, I am in the middle of a rug that is kind of fun to hook, but I really feel the need to start on creating some patterns to sell on Ebay and/or Esty.

Other prim artists are doing some really beautiful pieces, and maybe looking around all the time is a bit intimidating! I do have my fave prim blogs/artists to check out almost every day, and many of them are from a group I am a member of in Ebay. Primitive Rug Hookers Group is a meeting of fiber artists that I'm in awe of! There's also another group on Ebay that have some original items and patterns that are wonderful. I sent in a membership request, so maybe I'll be able to join that group also. They seem to be doing rugs and primitive stitchery that right up my alley.

Wow, this is a dry entry! I've got to start relaxing when I write so it sounds more like me! lol One of these days somebody might actually read my blog, and I wouldn't want them to be bored!