A new rug

The Trotter

I had completely forgotten to post the in progress pics of my most recent rug! It's on Ebay now, and the auction will end tomorrow, and so far is one of my favorites. I had really been wanting to hook a rug with a trotting horse, but had such a hard time getting the pattern just right. After visiting with a rug hooking friend, she gave me a great idea, and the rug hooked up pretty quickly. She suggested using a template for the horse, something I had never thought of. Anyway, I found a great horse "ornament" for want of a better name, made out of metal, traced around it, and voila! A horse...lol

My next rug is still on the hooking frame, but I am planning on a marathon session to finish the background and get it up on Ebay. This rug is a huge departure from what I usually do. Flowers, flowers, flowers, and all muted light primitive colors. I will definitely post a pic tomrrow!

The rain has finally stopped here in Connecticut, and we are supposed to have a really great weekend...fingers crossed! Maybe I'll even get out the kayak for a couple of hours on Sunday. First time this year, and I can't wait!!