Falls' Here!

The air at night is crisp, the days shorter, and my poor tomato plants are shivering in their beds! lol I absolutely LOVE this time of year! I've already done one fall rug and have one more on the frame, and we're planning a fun halloween!! This summer was one of a few struggles, one being my certification to teach high school. I had to take one more class plus a very tough certification test. I passed both!! Gotta say it...Yah me! lol Hopefully this new certification will open up more opportunities to teach, and I can finally get on with teaching. Besides needing another paycheck, I feel as though teaching is what I should be doing, and I have alot to offer the kids that will pass through my classroom.

Since that hurdle has been conquered, I am back to rug hooking, and am even going to teach a rug hooking class starting September 30 at the continuing ed classes at the high school. I spoke with the director a couple of weeks ago, and she said my class was practically full!! Now that's exciting! This coming week is going to be a flurry of getting supplies and information packets ready for my class as well as putting items into my new Etsy shop. Ebay is just costing me too much when I actually sell something, and I really feel the need to distance myself from it.

I'm heading back to my rug frame to finish my current rug as well as draw up some patterns for the Etsy shop, so head over by using the link to the right of the posts and check it out!!