Creativity Returns! (I think)

While still pretty cold, the sun is out, and it's been gorgeous for a couple of days! How lucky are we to have some real sunny days in mid-winter?!! I think that the sun has nudged my creativity a bit, so today, I drew up two patterns. One is for a fellow hooker in my group, and one I'm going to start on today. I am considering doing a local flea market to get my name out there as a fiber artist and teacher. I'll hook up a few chair pads and a couple of table runners to do with some rugs I already have, then have a dyeing weekend!! I swear, I really feel it when I don't hook for a while. It's like something's missing!The wool on the upper right is the background (kind of a prim springy green), the blue solid and plaid is for the bird, and the two on the bottom right is for letters (lighter color) and underneath the birds feet (the dark brown). The colors will show up better once it's hooked up and I have it on a white background.

Changing the subject, I might be heading to my parents house at the end of the week, and I'm quite excited! My parents and sis and her family all live in Arkansas, so I don't get to visit as often as I'd like. Well, hubby has worked some magic, and I may be able to hitch a ride down on a small private jet heading to the Little Rock airport for some kind of inspection. All I'll need is a ticket back, and it's a go!! I'm very excited to see my family, but I hear there's a great hooking shop in Hot Springs that I'd love to visit. They have hooking camps there every year, and I've heard great things about the artists. If anybody has any scoop on it, let me know!!