Where is Spring?!!

It's beautiful, sunny, and COLD!!! The seed catalogs have been pouring in along with my new subscription to Garden Gate (thanks Mom!) and I'm just itchin' to get my fingers in the dirt! I've planned the front garden three ways to Sunday, and can't wait to start my seeds for the vegetable garden. My father-in-law called last week, and we talked gardens for about 20 minutes. He lives in Maine, and grew up gardening. I'm taking his advice and waiting a bit later than last year to start my seeds. Our indoor plants are more than ready to spend the summer on our deck, let me tell you!

On the artsy-frontsy front, I've been doing a bit of hooking, dyeing, and needlepunching. I finished the chair pad, and am quite pleased with it. Two days of wool dyeing, and yesterday was spent starting a needlepunch project. On the job front, I have been given a home tutoring assignment in a local school district, and I'm really excited about it. It's supplementing history lessons, and I LOVE history! (thanks dad..lol). Here's a few pictures of my last week's work:

Pretty chairpad all ready to announce spring...albeit to someone's backend!

Dyed wool all ready to be sized, stripped and made into a beeyoootiful rug!
This is my latest project, and I kinda like it! I wasn't sure about the cows, but I think they add whimsy to the flowers, and I got to use some great purple wool for the flower petals. The background is probably going to be a light blue/white combo.

I also went to a local antique shop on Saturday and bought a gorgeous hooked rug that's labeled "Occupied Japan" I used to collect Occupied Japan figurines, but sold them when I got tired of dusting them, but this rug really intrigued me. I've got to do some research on these rugs!! Here's a couple of pictures of my newest acquisition.

An up close of the center medallion. This rug has a great soft feel and faded vintage look. I think the backing is monks cloth, or some kind of similar material, and seems to have held up really well. Here's a picture of the label on the edge. It's a bit blurry, but you get the idea!

Oh yet another subject, go visit http://thepioneerwoman.com/ Her blog is really great on so many levels, and I actually solved a quiz under her homeschooling tab and a prize! Thank goodness for a dad that passed on the history gene to me!! It looks like there's a second round for the winners of yesterdays quizzes, so cross your fingers that my brain decides to dial in today! lol Oh, and check out her recipes. I've tried quite a few, and they're all delish! My hips agree, btw! lol