A new rug & some new friends!

Hey folks! I spent Saturday manning my booth at the Woodbury Flea Market, and had a great time. Saw some old pals, and met new people, both of which is fun! While chatting around, I did notice a running theme. Many people commented that their mother/grandmother/aunt/neighbor,etc, hooked rugs, but they never took the time out to learn...or just wasn't interested. I guess that's why so many of the old art forms are dying out, and I think that's a shame. But I'm also glad that there's so many out there that still appreciate handmade in the US items as opposed to look-alikes from other countries.

Three of my smaller rugs sold on Saturday, two of them traveling out of the country, to the UK, I think. The barn red star on the black/brown herringbone background, and the wooley sheep both took a ride on a jet plane, and the Bee Happy mat went home with someone from our happy state. One of the rugs that didn't sell on Saturday went up on Ebay tonight, and I think it's a great combo of colors and would look great anywhere year 'round.

A sweet fraktur tulip, and as always, some of the colors look brighter than they really are. Maybe one day I'll hit the lotto and buy a camera with more pixels! lol

I did spend some time gardening on Sunday, and as soon as it stops raining, I'll post some pics. He bought a pear tree for the front of the house, and two beautiful Abraham Darby roses that he planted against the garden fence. Those roses smell wonderful, and have a great creamy/apricot color on multiple petaled roses. The tree and roses were my anniversary present....22 years on Saturday. What a guy!! I got him socks...hey, don't judge, if you know Aaron (hubby) you'll understand!! LOL