Storm Barbara-Blizzard or bust?!

Well, it was forecasted that we were going to get hammered by at least 18 inches of snow accompanied by howling winds and possible power outages....humph! It's been snowing since about 7am, there's only about two inches on the ground and while the snow is still falling, and it's quite windy....18 inches?! I don't think A lot of the schools announced closings last night, and my wonderful boss called a snow day and we all get to work from home. There is still time for more snow, but it's just not looking like any blizzard I've seen....*waves to the mid-Atlantic states".

I am getting work's proof with my work at home boss ready to supervise....

Meet Zeke Kadiddlehopper....ready to lay down the law (and start munching on my cinnamon I am actually working on a project for work...once I'm done I just might start talking like a government official! Then at 4:00 sharp I will take the short commute to my studio and get to hooking an easter rug I started a couple of days ago.

My flash brightened things up...the colors are a bit more drab in real life. The background is a mix of dark and light army blanket greet, and I really like how the bunny's color looks with the other colors.

Here's one picture of our snow so's a shot of the garden where we park our sleigh when it's not decorated for the current holiday (or when it's snowing!) Oh and our son's car parked waaay off of the driveway in anticipation of the plowing of 18 inches of

Hope everybody's staying safe and warm!!