I'm back!! :o)

So, my last post had spring in the title....long way from spring now! lol Christmas is almost here, and the northeast is looking at a possible walloping from a Nor'easter on Sunday into Monday. I could use a good snowstorm, but as hubby says, "You're not the one out there shoveling!" I always answer..."Yep, you're right!"

I haven't made time to do much hooking lately. I have been doing so much traveling for work that any down time is used for laundry and reconnecting with the family. Our daughter Jessica is a senior this year, and is due to take her driving test. Boy am I glad she's the last one we are teaching how to drive! I don't think my nerves could take another new driver even though she did just finish driving school! Andrew is still living with friends one town over, and is planning on taking a trip to Alaska to work in a fish cannery. I think his goal is to get on one of the fishing boats, so the cannery is the way to get there. I'm not thrilled with the thought of him going so far away, but I guess when you're 22, adventure comes in all kinds of disguises (even stinky, fishy ones...lol). We are still a two dog, two cat family......
Lily and Zeke relaxing on the table....

Ranger and Coco waiting for dinner!
Ranger is now 15 and on about four different kinds of meds. He has arthritis, old-age vestibular disease, and dementia.....but still gets around just fine. Coco, our Lhapso Apso is blind, and just as bossy as ever.

As for hooking, I have managed to get at least one new mat finished, and have one on the frame. I have been doing quite a bit of knitting seeing as that it's more portable than rug hooking. Here's my new mat....I like the background, but it seems to blend too much with the inside of the tulips.

Tonight I am going to attempt to make my own feather tree. I have wanted one for about five years, but while they are quite beautiful, most are out of my budget. I think I have figured out how to create a "faux feather tree" and will take pics of the process. If it turns out even half as good as my imagination has it pictured, I'll be thrilled!!