First finished rug of 2011

So, I fought my creative block by just hooking a little mat using wooly worms I already had. I really like how it turned out!

One view from up above, and a close up of one of the circles. I still have to bind it, but as soon as it's done, I think I'll put it on Ebay and see what happens. I have sketched out my next small rug/mat. It has a Valentines Day theme, and as soon as I get started on it, I'll post some pics!

Our snow is here to stay for a while. Temps are dropping and school in our town is closed for a third day. Not sure why we're still closed, but the kids got a mini vacation out of the deal! I am working from home today, trying to play catch up from my last two trips.

My plans for tomorrow involve starting to simplify some things around here. My goal is to start being more self-sufficient. This means less trips to the store, and spending less money. To start on that goal, our kitchen is going to get a major clean out, and I'm going to put up some homemade quick mixes for pancakes, quick breads, etc. A really great resource is the blog Suzanne moved to a farm a few years ago, and has come across some really great ideas on being self-sufficient. Her blog is on my sidebar, so give her a visit! Check out Clover and the cookie crew. Those critters will crack you up!!