Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!  Ok, I'm a day late, but yesterday was filled with putting away Christmas and cleaning.  We had a great celebration at our friends, the Neals, then headed home so hubby could sleep for a few hours then head to work.

Our 2012 is going to be a year of changes. Hubby's job is doing a weird flip flop, which could have been pretty devastating, but because of his hard work, is going to be pretty great!  I can't really say more than that because the whole situation is a bit hush hush.  Let's just leave it at I'm married to a great guy that has been working for the past 17 years to do what he's doing now....he just didn't know it...lol  I'm sure as the year progresses, I will be able to tell a bit more. 

I'm not good at resolutions, but this year, I would like to hook more and get a lot better at my spinning!  I also have a "secret" resolution which is something I've been wanting to do for a few years. After a tarot reading I had in December, I am really going to knuckle down and go for it.  I do believe if something is talked about a lot, it loses its power, so this is something I'm going to just do, and talk about later..lol

I'm planning on more rug pictures this year for my blog, and have been loading up in Pinterest board with ideas!