Imposter Vegetables...or the Summer Squash that never was!

So, a quick garden story.....

Hubby bought me a greenhouse for my birthday last year.  I was so excited!  As soon as it got above freezing, I started planting seeds!  I had visions of vegetables and flowers in every square inch of my yard and all planted by my own two hands!  Well, reality and hotter temps set in, and while I had planted most of the seedlings I had started, a few were left, tomatoes, three kinds of squash, and some herbs were still waiting.  One day I forgot to open the vent and door to the greenhouse, and it got above 100 degrees and burned the plants.  Sad, but not down for the count, I went to a local garden store and bought eight tomato plants, eight summer squash plants, and eight zucchini plants.  Now each was well marked and I was careful to put them in separate raised beds and label them.

Fast forward to last night between thunder storms, I am outside with Winston, and while he's taking care of business, I am checking out the summer squash.  As I'm moving leaves, I realize that I have several squash ready to pick, but their not yellow, their green!  As in green like zucchini!  After checking a few other things out, I realize that I now have sixteen zucchini plants!!  Along with the six-one gallon freezer bags full of shredded zucchini from the garden last year!! 

The picture below show the Zucchini Armageddon coming to my house VERY soon!!  The beds are marked!

So, needless to say, anybody living close to me ever need zucchini....I'm your gal!