A Weekend of Arts and Bees!

It's Monday again, and I feel like I need an extra day to recover!  Saturday was a wonderful day spent at Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust participating in their Farm Days 2015.  I didn't wander far from my booth, so the only pics I got were us kids in the cool corner!

Up first is Kim Elovirta, Herbalist and owner of Raven's Edge, LLC.  She was in the booth to my right, and the smells were heavenly!
On my left was a crochet artist who's name, I think, is Jan.  Her card is at home, so I will definitely add her name as soon as I get my hands on her card!!
Across from me was Pat and her husband of Pat's Baskets.  She not only had beautiful baskets, but her quilting was gorgeous!  They were both an absolute hoot!!
Next to Pat was Lorianne Witte, designer, weaver, and owner of La Bella Sfera.  She is also an educator at Flanders and the organizer of the Farm Days 2015.  She and her team did a wonderful job!
Lorianne's daughter was our rooster mascot for the day, and was just the cutest thing!
There was lots of looking, but most of us were upstaged by baby goats!  I mean, who can resist seeing baby goats coming into the world?!  One little girl came by just itching to learn how to rug hook, and sat down to learn how to pull loops!  I sent her off with a piece of linen and instructions for grandma on how her granddaughter can practice with supplies she has on hand.  Grandma is a quilter, so I'm sure she'll be able to set her granddaughter up!  Never know when the next future rug hooker will come along!  There was also mention of speaking at Flanders about rug hooking as well as participating in Woodbury's Colonial Days and Flanders Artisans Marketplace.  Very exciting stuff!!

Now on Friday night, the bees arrived!  With help from my neighbor, we installed my hive, put in some bee candy, and crossed our fingers.  The bees were very active and now I'm just watching them like a hawk for pollen.  Collecting pollen means their staying!  Here's a quick vid of part of the installation process.

Now it's back to the day job!  Have a great Monday everybody!!!