Last Weekend

This past weekend was a busy with hooking related stuff!  One of my goals is to dye at least two times each month, and to choose one color to concentrate on for each day.  This past Saturday was blue's day!  I got started a bit late, so it was kind of a rush session to be done by a decent hour.  That being said, I was able to run all of the blue dye recipes from Karen Kahle's dye book, Vintage Colors Dye Book, and they turned out beautifully!  Here's a few pics of the progress throughout the day.

 Here's my Cushing Dyes.  Now I know you all are more familiar with the little brown envelopes, but those drove me crazy!  So found these plastic jars (with lids) at a pretty good price and spent about an hour filling 'em up and labeling them.  Best decision ever!

These are the only dyes I used, and really dyes up some beautiful blues!
 Here's my first batch of wool soaking in my new farm sink!  Needless to say, I drained the wools in my bathtub after the dyeing process.  Don't want to take the chance of staining my sink.  But let me tell you, that deep and large sink was a dream!  I will never have a two-sided sink again!
 Here's my pots on the stove, heating up and ready for the first batch of wool!  Along with the new sink, we also installed mahogany counter tops.  The blue tarp is my new best friend! 
 So this is the end result of my day.  Can I tell you that I just love looking at a stack of new dyed wool?!  A feeling of accomplishment along with these beautiful colors is a great end to a day! 

Next weekend, I think red will be on the color menu!
Lastly, this is currently on my frame.  It's a small wall hanging for a charity raffle at a coworker's kid's school.  I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday, and remember......

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