Fiber Peeps are the best people!!

Last weekend was the New England Fiber Festival in West Springfield, MA, and I had the best time!  Before I go into how much fun it was, I need to thank my pal, Dawn at Coon Hollow Farm.  She has had her booth for a while, and invited me to share it with her for the past three years.  We make a pretty good team all the way around!

So, on to the festival details!  My booth has finally been tweaked so much that I am super happy with it!  Every fair/festival I do, I come home and pour over pictures of my booth, finding things I need to change as well as things that just don't work.  This year, I'm really happy.

We were so busy, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of everything else.  Please visit Dawn's blog, Coon Hollow Farm to see her wanderings. 

As with every other year I've been a vendor at this show, I met the nicest people.  Rug hookers, knitters, crocheters, spinners, quilters, wool appliquers, you name it, the fiber people were there.  Just being in that happy place for the whole weekend has really fueled the muse for me.  I was chatting with a couple I had met last year (I am horrible with names, so apologies), and the told me about an arts initiative in Southington, CT,  SoCCA.   It seems to be somewhere I might be able to have rug hooking classes, kind of a central place.  There was many requests for "refresher" rug hooking classes for people that have all the "stuff", but put it down years ago and now want to pick it up again.  I will be working on a schedule for classes over the holidays and hopefully will have lots of stuff to report after the new year!

I'm going to add a few pictures of some my most recent rugs and will have some new listings in my Etsy shop this weekend! Thanks for reading!