A Leap of Faith

I have always worked a full-time, outside the home job.  I enjoyed earning my own money, contributing to the household, and have pretty much always had wonderful, positive work environments.  Well, on June 1st, I left my job of eight and a half years!  Truly, I was burnt out.  It was tougher and tougher to go into that office every day and do the same thing over and over without going out of my mind.  So, on May 21st, I gave my boss my two weeks notice and began clearing out eight years of stuff out of my office.

 Last box

Empty walls

It felt....well, right.  Almost liberating, actually.  Now, I didn't do this on a whim.  Hubby and I talked about it, and I began planning almost six months in advance.  Getting our budget in order, getting rid of extra debt, and most importantly, researching healthcare costs and options.  (that last one was a doozy)! My last day was bittersweet because I really loved most of my coworkers, but a few of us will definitely still hang out on occasion.  And of course, I Skype a couple of them every few days so they won't miss me, and know how wonderful it is to be at home. 😄

My plans now are to concentrate on my rug hooking business.  It's always been stressful to try to keep our household together, take care of the fur babies, work an eight hour day, AND hook rugs and dye wool for the many shows I vend at and stock my Etsy shop.  Now I'm at it full time.  I've already been selling quite a bit of wool because I have the time to network better, and I've signed up for more shows this year.  Keep an eye out on my blog for show announcements and my new website!

You will be seeing more pictures of Jackson, aka Chupacabra, my gardens, and daily morning walks with Jackson.  I am so grateful to be able to begin each and every day walking in the woods with Jackson.  We are up early and out with the birds and deer.  It's just a wonderful way to start a day and set the mood.

I will end this post with a tree we pass every morning.  I see a heart...what do you see?

Tree Heart