So, it's been a month.....

Looking for his girlfriend Ruby.  Ruby is a Vizsla that is out for walk/runs every morning.

....since leaving my office job, and life is wonderful!  Yes, the paycheck is much smaller, but so are my expenses, and my stress level is at an all time low.  I knew it would be different, but I am so enjoying being home!  I've been selling wool online, designing and hooking new rugs, doing a bit of punchneedle, and taking daily walks with this handsome boy.

Pretty little flowers alongside the trail. 
A little throwback's Jackson the day we brought him home.

Coming home at four months

This morning hanging on the couch after our walk.  He's about eight months old.
We were told by the rescue he is a Lab/Jack Russell.  The vet informed us that he is a Great Dane and probably lab!  But no matter, we love him even when he's eating like a horse and trying to chew everything in sight!  Training will begin in August!

I have a couple of new designs, one completely finished and ready to be fixed to a vintage picnic basket.
A close up of the flower

A top view

Front view

A little pumpkin.  She's a little wonky, but another steam should fix that right up
A needle punch piece mounted on a vintage lunch box

A close up

And currently on my frame.  I hooked all day yesterday and it was just so much fun!  I'm going to work on the background today after a trip to the post office to mail out some wool.

My version of  a yin yang

The sun.  The rays are hooked using sari silk

A little luna moth.  I'm definitely doing more butterflies, moths, and dragonflies. The color planning on this one was fun!
Have a great day!!