A LIttle Catch-Up

Yesterday I saw down and watched the documentary,  Mister Rogers and Me.  It was, in a word, wonderful.  I honestly don't remember watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood as a child, probably because we lived in Germany (Rhein Main AFB), and didn't get much American television.  This was 1970-1975, so no internet folks!  But watching this film really showed that Fred Rogers was exactly who we all thought he was.  Kind, gentle, in the moment, and if he was interacting with you, or an audience, you were the most important person to him.  There's so many lessons we need to still learn from him, or if you watched Mister Roger's Neighborhood, remember them.  I think some Fred Rogers reading needs to happen this weekend.

I spent last week in Arkansas with my parents, and it was a wonderful vacation.  Catching up with all the goings-on, swimming, and visiting.  It was too long between visits, but that won't happen again.  

Once I got back, I dove straight into creating.  I've found that I need a project with me at all times to stay sane! lol  

But first, I took a kind of inventory.....here's the results.

I may need to start paring down a bit.    Today it's computer work, then back upstairs to work on my tallest goosefeather tree yet.  I did a quick vid of creating a branch, and will do a separate post on goosefeather trees and their history. 

  Lastly, needlepunch.