Rain, rain, go away!

So, lots of rain, lots of high humidity, but we're still walking every morning!  When I left my job to start my rug hooking business full-time, one of my goals was to make sure our giant puppy Jackson, went on walks every morning.  There's no way I can handle the energy level of a 60 lb puppy stuck inside all day, so we walk for about an hour every morning at a beautiful park near our house.  He didn't dig the walks at the beginning, but now I think he loves them. 

Jackson Walkies


Along with all the rain, I've noticed a big increase in fungi, toadstools, mushrooms, etc all over.  Some are really beautiful.  Also, the whole forest is just so lush and green.  I'm taking pictures now so I can remember this when the snow flies!


I've been working on a fairly big rug lately, and am almost finished.  Then it's back to working on smalls and my feather trees.  My most recent tree is about two feet tall and as soon as I get it in it's stand and decorated, there's be pictures!