Busy January and a DIY Light Table

Well, I’m going to throw in the towel on updating my goals every week. Nope, not quitting on the goals, just on the updating. I got to thinking, and my blog should be primarily about rug hooking. I’ll throw a bit of real life in here and there, but I’m going to stick to what I love, and stop trying to be something else.

So, a DIY light table. I had such light table envy when I first started creating my own patterns and selling them! In the very beginning, I would draw patterns directly onto the backing, and as soon as somebody wanted a pattern, it was stress-city! No matter how hard you try, if you are free-handing a pattern each time, it will be different each time! So, back to light table envy…..I started shopping around and realized that for the size I needed, it was quite expensive! Then one day, I was looking around at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Stratford, CT and saw several glass-topped computer tables. You know the ones, glass top, slide out keyboard platform and typically metal legs. They were all $25.00 and under, quite the bargain for what I had in mind!

Very similar to this!

Very similar to this!

So I took a picture, sent it to my very handy hubby, then called him. I explained what I was thinking, told him how inexpensive the table was, and said I was putting it in my car now! :o) Heavy sigh on the other end of the phone, then an “ok”.

Once I got it home, I put it in the garage and hubby started working on it. All that was needed was a board a few inches smaller than the keyboard drawer, two fluorescent lights, and a piece of plastic about the size of the glass top. Mount the lights onto the board and just set the board on the keyboard drawer. Make sure the cords hang out the back. Attach the piece of plastic to the underside of the glass top so that when you turn on the lights, it disperses the light instead of getting two bright spots from the lights below. I’ve added a slide show below that shows the different components.

The only item bought was the table itself, and it was $15.00. The rest hubby had in the garage, so it was pretty cheap to build, but if you had to buy the lights, piece of plastic, and board, it still will be cheaper than a brand new light table, and works just as well. Honestly, best addition to my studio!

Class Scheduling

I’ve been busy trying to find a space in our town where I can hold rug hooking and punch needle classes, and it’s pretty tough! I did have one beginner rug hooking class at my home last year, and even with just four people, it was a tight fit. I need a bigger space! I’m back on the phone today, and hopefully will have my schedule posted and a new newsletter emailed out by the beginning of next week! Thank you for being patient!