What A Day....Already!

So today started out like any other day.  Drag myself out of bed, take Winston out for his morning constitutional

This is Winston gazing longingly at our neighbor's yard hoping beyond hope that his girlfriend, Rosie was outside as well.  Rosie is a couple of years older than Winston....quite the cougar..er, dog!

Headed back inside, got ready for work, told Aaron and Winston bye and drove off.  Well, drove about halfway there and had to pull over because of a flat!  Panicked call to Aaron and my knight in shining armor showed up and not only changed my tire, he took my car to Joe's Tires and had them all replaced!  I'm a lucky gal! lol

So, I did check out "the farm" as Aaron calls our greenhouse, and there's green everywhere!  Here's a few pics of the seedlings as well as my make-do plant identifier.

My seedling list.  The yarns correspond with the same yarns in each little pot.  Hey, it works!

Not much happening in the last two trays, but I bet by this weekend, there will be green here too!  So far I've planted broccoli, green beans, snap peas, kale, Big Boy tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, salad cukes, pickling cukes, brussels sprouts, bottle gourds, beets, sunflowers, sweet peppers, and hot peppers.  I might have missed a couple, but I'm so excited about our garden!  We are going to do some rearranging of the garden, but here's how it looks now.  The newest addition is the Tibetan prayer flags I hung up a couple of days ago.  I love the pop of color they add!!

Hey...there's Winston!!

This is our greenhouse, and I can't tell you how much fun it is!

Tonight is a meeting of  The All-American Valley General Store Fiber Arts Group, and I'm heading there after work!  There's a great group of ladies who spin, knit, crochet, and rug hook (that would be me), and just chat.  I'll try to get some pictures to post tomorrow.

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!  Ok, I'm a day late, but yesterday was filled with putting away Christmas and cleaning.  We had a great celebration at our friends, the Neals, then headed home so hubby could sleep for a few hours then head to work.

Our 2012 is going to be a year of changes. Hubby's job is doing a weird flip flop, which could have been pretty devastating, but because of his hard work, is going to be pretty great!  I can't really say more than that because the whole situation is a bit hush hush.  Let's just leave it at I'm married to a great guy that has been working for the past 17 years to do what he's doing now....he just didn't know it...lol  I'm sure as the year progresses, I will be able to tell a bit more. 

I'm not good at resolutions, but this year, I would like to hook more and get a lot better at my spinning!  I also have a "secret" resolution which is something I've been wanting to do for a few years. After a tarot reading I had in December, I am really going to knuckle down and go for it.  I do believe if something is talked about a lot, it loses its power, so this is something I'm going to just do, and talk about later..lol

I'm planning on more rug pictures this year for my blog, and have been loading up in Pinterest board with ideas! 


Today is a beautiful sunny day....very much like this same day 10 years ago. Aaron and I were watching the Today show at 8:46am eastern time when the world changed. Aaron, who works in the aviation industry, knew it wasn't an accident. I held onto the belief that that's exactly what it was, and not what was feared. All denial fled at 9:03am.

We watched for about another hour, all the time debating whether to pull our kids out of school. We decided to leave them where they were and headed into town. We live in a relatively small town in Connecticut, so finding the streets virtually empty and quiet was not so odd. I went into our bank and while business was happening, people spoke in whispers, as if saying anything out loud would make it too real.

The next weekend I went with some friends to a renaissance faire in Tuxedo Park, NY. As we crossed the Tappan Zee bridge, the traffic was at a crawl. On clear days, you can see the New York city skyline, and it's an awesome sight. That Saturday, it was all clear except for the smoke still pouring from Ground Zero. Nobody honked, nobody yelled at the others to "get a move on", we all just looked. Again, it was made real.

I watched the tributes on tv today, so wrapped up in the scenes from ten years ago, it almost felt like it was happening in the present. Today is a day to remember....remember the heroes that are the first responders....remember the people lost in the World Trade Center towers....remember the families. While it is a difficult thing to do, don't think about hate for who did this. They don't deserve a second of our time today. September 11 should be a day reserved for love, respect, and pride.


While I should've been busy stitching and hooking for the Harvest Moon Festival last night, hubby came home with the idea to take the kayaks out. I agreed immediately and off we went!! His job is stressful, and he usually de-stresses by taking out his boat. Unfortunately, the water was about eight feet too low for a propeller, so it was paddle power time!

This is coming down the channel and into Lake Lilinoah.

After the hurricane, everything from the shore headed out into open water. This is a huge tree trunk that looked just like a submarine floating through the water.
Here's hubby (Aaron) giving what we call the "Andrew" pose...lol

That rock is what Aaron calls "Deadman's Island". We took our nephew to see it, and at the time, he was swimming around it and we saw a little family of snakes...it's now high and dry.

On our way in. What a beautiful way to end the float!

This weekend will be all hooking and sewing!

Bring it on Irene!

So the pantry has been stocked, chainsaw bought, cars gassed, water bought, my boy is home from Alaska, and our daughter .....we're ready for ya Irene!!! The chainsaw was a last minute addition....let's hope we don't have to use it!

I have two projects on the frame so I'll be plenty busy. It's two more Nook covers, and I really like them. Here's a picture of the first one. I'll take a picture of the second one when I start working on it.

I love sock monkeys!

Two finished products....not perfect but a lot closer than the first tries!

Last but not least....pictures of Andrew back from Alaska and Jess heading to her first day of college.

Keeping an eye out for flying monkeys!

So....some nasty weather is headed our way! Hurricane Irene has decided to make a visit and we're ramping up for the possibility of losing power for an entire week, not to mention 100 mile an hour winds and up to ten inches of rain! Guess that means hooking will be limited to daylight hours only...Oh yeah, and bailing water out of the unfinished side of the basement! Wish us luck!!

Movers and Shakers

We had some excitement on the east coast today in the form of an earthquake! Luckily nobody was hurt, but there was quite a bit of property damage especially in Virginia and Washington DC. It was felt here in Connecticut, especially in the tall buildings.

Now we just have to cross our fingers that Hurricane Irene heads out to sea before the weekend!!

I need a vacation from my vacation!

So I took my two weeks of vacation and proceeded to run myself ragged until the last three days! Our daughter, Jessica graduated from high school, so we had mucho family visiting from Arkansas, a huge grad party for Jess as well as JD, Andrew's g/f Tricia's brother. We have been lucky enough to become very good friends with Tricia's family since she and Andrew started dating, so since we combined Andrew and Tricia's grad party five years ago, it only made sense to combine Jess and JD's grad party. We got a Little Mermaid bouncy house as well as sumo wrestling suits, which were LOVED, and there's was a ton of food! Here's a few pictures from the party. I have to start collecting pictures from everybody else because I was too busy to take many.

This is hubby Aaron in the bouncy house with his sister Brenda. She came down from Maine to celebrate with us.

Jess in the sumo suit daring one our younger partiers to wrestle her! She was successful in getting her into the suit, but then was out-wrestled!

Our favorite gal Tricia creating the ever favorite bean dip. She dove right in and helped from start to finish. I don't think the party would've been as much fun without her!!

Our son Andrew (who is also Tricia's boyfriend) , had left the day before the party for a job in Alaska. He was originally accepted for a job on the slime line (that's where they gut and clean the salmon) at a fishery on Petersburg Island. Once he went through orientation, the freezer crew manager took him aside and asked if he'd rather work in the freezers. Andrew jumped at the chance, and it really sounds like he's in his element. The day he left had a bunch of us crying a bit, but we all knew it was something he had to do, and he'll be back in a few months....unless he gets a job on a fishing boat in Alaska! I told Tricia she will need to start buying cold weather clothes soon!! :o)

I did get a chance to start a new rug, and got everything but the background hooked.

This is a shot without the flash. The flash made the colors look almost neon (lol) and they really are quite primitive. I'm debating about adding large yellow squash on the very right, but might just leave it as is. Tomorrow, I'm going to work on something I've had percolating for a few weeks. If it works, I'll let ya know, if it doesn't, then mum's the word...lol. I will get back to work on the horn of plenty in the picture above to get the background hooked some time next week if I survive going back to work...*sigh*.

Now it's off to watch a bit of tv, then to bed. Because Aaron and I are kid-less we are off the hook for any fireworks! While I really like fireworks, I hate the going home traffic, so we're just chilling at home...yeah!!

Tired of traveling!

Vacation is on the horizon! In the last two weeks I was in Ohio, then Texas for work, and I am quite ready to be home for a while. We really thought we saw the end of the work list when the hot water heater decided to give up the ghost. 50 gallons of water in our basement soaking into the rug and pad underneath. Poor Aaron spent the better part of the week and weekend replacing the water heater then drying out the rug/pad. He is such a worker....I would've given up by then...lol

I am itching to start a new rug, but there just isn't enough time. I still have four more afghans to knit up in the next month or so, and Jess's graduation to get through. Here's a few pictures of the downstairs spare room and my rug display, and hopefully I will have a couple more to add during the summer.

Our Ranger

Our sweet dog Ranger has gone on to heaven. He was 15 years old, and up until just recently, still had times when he would act like a puppy. Even with all the work and responsibility that goes along with owning a pet, he brought more joy to our family than I could ever imagine. Our vet is wonderful, and made the end process much easier and brought us much comfort.

We still have our Coco (lhapso apso), and two cats, Zeke and Lily, so our house is still full of animal chaos, but Ranger was the dog that grew up with the kids. He will be missed.