What I've been working on!

The annual Harvest Moon Festival is coming up in September and I've decided to take a table yet again! This is a small fair that is held by our local Boy Scout troop every September, and I've vended for the past two years without much luck. This year I'm sharing a table with one of my neighbors, so I've been working on some things to bring. I came up with an idea of making hooked e-reader and iPad holders, and since I'm not a seamstress, it took quite a bit of trial and error! (oh, and getting another neighbor to help out with the sewing part..lol) I have three fails, and finally hit a good prototype on number four.

I hooked a simple flower and grabbed some scrap material. Everything's much darker than it looks in the picture and this is without the flash! There is some tweaking needed, and I've got two more hooked pieces on the frame ready to sew.

I need a top that will fold over and somehow latch closed, maybe a look over a fabric or wooden covered button. These will fit a Nook, and once I've got the pattern down, I'll start on a few for a Kindle and iPad.

Home DIY Project(s)

So, our floors are finished and I'm absolutely in love with them! Of course, my camera is deader 'n a doornail, so pictures will come tomorrow after work. I even hung up most of my rugs in our spare room, and they look pretty good.

Next are both bathrooms (paint and some redecorating), cleaning out the basement, then setting up the guest room. Of course, in between all of that, I have at least two and possibly four trips for work coming up before Jess's graduation and her prom. *sigh* I'm ready for my vacation time!!

So pics tomorrow and off on a work trip on Tuesday!

Grenfell Mission rugs on Antiques RoadShow

I'm a huge fan of Antiques Roadshow, and just love hearing about the different items as well as seeing people's faces when they're told how much things are worth. Tonight, in Billings, MT, there was a lady that had brought in a Grenfell mission rug, and this is the second Grenfell rug that I've seen on the show. The appraiser, both times, has said the rugs were "woven". These rugs were NOT woven, but are actually hooked with stockings that were dyed to beautiful soft colors. I'm not quite sure where he gets the idea that the rugs are woven, and he even said that kits were given out to the residents to create the rugs. How would someone "weave" a rug without a loom? They wouldn't, they would HOOK the rugs and sell them for extra income.

Ok, got that off my chest...it has been bugging me since the first rug he appraised...lol

Antique Treasures

We have had a few good weather days in between our snow storms, and I grabbed one to head out to a local antique store. Seymour Antiques is a huge building with three stories of antique heaven! Two Saturdays ago, I dropped our daughter off at work and headed out for a few hours of shopping therapy....it's a great cure for cabin fever!

I wish I had thought of taking pictures of the little vignettes throughout the shop, but as soon as I saw a beautiful spinning wheel, I was done. Usually when I see something I just HAVE TO HAVE, I will walk around looking at everything else, and if I am still thinking about it before I leave, then it's meant to be mine. Of course, the spinning wheel had to be mine! I'm not sure if it actually works, but my spinning teacher has offered to take a look at it when the snows stop and everybody's driveways are safe to drive again...lol

Here she is, residing in our guest room until I can clean her up a bit. I also spied a cute little straw hat that has a G. Fox label. G. Fox was a department store that was bought out by May Department stores, of Filene's fame. I remember the "modern" G. Fox store at our local mall, but from a little research, G. Fox was "the" place to shop in Hartford, CT and opened in 1847. I can only imagine shopping there for parasols, gloves, and gorgeous little straw hats like this one.

It's such a sweet little hat. I can see it on a little girl wearing a flower-sprigged pinafore, white tights, and little ankle boots that had to be buttoned up with a button hook. Once all our new floors are in and the painting is done, I'm going to hang it up in our downstairs bathroom where it will reside alongside a child's white apron (ankle length), a child's nightgown, and a pair of women's bloomers.

On the rug hooking front, I finally got the small circle mat bound! Binding is my least favorite part of rug hooking, but I make myself bind each rug as it's finished so I don't end up with a bunch of unfinished rugs!

The up close photo shows a more realistic color to the background. This is a green/black/gray check pattern that's right off the bolt. I found it at Joanne's Fabrics, and it hooks up great!

I also finished a knitted afghan that is to be a graduation gift for one of my daughter's friends.
My plan is to do one for each of her absolute bestest friends...these are girls she has known since elementary school, and are still fast friends. There are five more to do, so I'll have a bunch of knitting in my immediate future! Of course, I'm itching to do another small rug, and I'm thinking of doing a series of round and square chair pad size mats that will be modeled after blocks from Baltimore Album quilts. I need some flowers in my life with all this wintery weather!

Stay warm and safe!!

First finished rug of 2011

So, I fought my creative block by just hooking a little mat using wooly worms I already had. I really like how it turned out!

One view from up above, and a close up of one of the circles. I still have to bind it, but as soon as it's done, I think I'll put it on Ebay and see what happens. I have sketched out my next small rug/mat. It has a Valentines Day theme, and as soon as I get started on it, I'll post some pics!

Our snow is here to stay for a while. Temps are dropping and school in our town is closed for a third day. Not sure why we're still closed, but the kids got a mini vacation out of the deal! I am working from home today, trying to play catch up from my last two trips.

My plans for tomorrow involve starting to simplify some things around here. My goal is to start being more self-sufficient. This means less trips to the store, and spending less money. To start on that goal, our kitchen is going to get a major clean out, and I'm going to put up some homemade quick mixes for pancakes, quick breads, etc. A really great resource is the blog chickensintheroad.com. Suzanne moved to a farm a few years ago, and has come across some really great ideas on being self-sufficient. Her blog is on my sidebar, so give her a visit! Check out Clover and the cookie crew. Those critters will crack you up!!